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MSRP: $249.00
Your Price: $199.00
Modeled after Pinecone Fletcher's own cigar box guitar, the Hobo King "Standard" is setting the standard in cigar box guitars. Don't confuse this instrument with fancy-necked and fretted things being built with modern guitar parts. This is a genuine cigar box guitar, hand built by the king of hobo blues himself, Pinecone.  

Body: Boxes are hand assembled from Birch & Mahogany door skins. 2012 guitars are "Natural" finish.  

*A note on tuning: While there is no standard way to tune a cigar box guitar, or standard in string choice, we can suggest how we like to play them.

We prefer acoustic strings, as they add a slightly fuller tone and use strings A, D, and G. Guitars may be tuned open from E major through A major with the top and bottom strings tuned to octaves with the middle set to a 5th. Here are some examples; EBE, FCF, GDG, AEA

Neck: Ebonized Black Walnut  
Hardware: Grover chrome satin Rotomatic Tuners, eye hook, steel bolt, steel eye bolt  
Pickup: Hobo King MK III pickup system. Frequency optimized for Hobo King cigar box guitars.  
Strings: 3A(.044), 2D(.032), 1G(.024)